You Make Me Smile Award goes too..

Kalu gave me the "You Make Me Smile Award" And now I must follow the rules. I have to send it to 10 people that make me smile!!!

Carolyn - Taking one stitch at a time
Cathey - Pumpkin Patch & Co
The Chicken Lady - The Chicken Coop
Elaine - Sharing My World
Irene - Cross Stitch Happy
Michele - Just Another Stitching Blog...
Shari - Shari's Sharings
Teresa - Teresa's Stitching
Vickie - Reading and Stitching

And since Kalu said Missy, I want to include her with my award.

Thanks ladies, you truly make me smile!! You all are an inspiration to me! Love to you all!!


Anonymous said...

oh say, Thank you Kim for the award. I'm glad I make you smile because you are an inspiration to me. You are so sweet.

Vickie said...

Thank you for the award Kim. I always enjoy chatting and stitching with you.


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