Random Pics from the weekend .....

This past weekend, Brian and I went down state to visit with my family, and to celebrate two birthdays. One for my niece, Katie, who turned 2 on the 10th, and for my oldest niece Natalie, who turned 4 on the 15th.

We went down on Saturday morning, arriving late to our destination, thanks to detours. My brother and his wife were having Katie's bday party at their house.

We got there, an hour late.. so everyone was eating. Shortly after Katie started opening her presents.

We visited with the family, and my brother's got out the 4 wheelers. We all had fun till someone got hurt. :( We had to have the ambulance come as one of my brother's friends was driving my brother's 4 wheeler, some how managed to flip the 4 wheeler, end over end. His gf was on the back - its one of those 4 wheelers that have the extra seat in the back. Well the bf landed on the gf, and then the 4 wheeler landed on the gf. My other brother's gf daughter watched the whole thing happen. She came up to the house to say that they had flipped the 4 wheeler - we were in a panic to figure out who it was. The gf was complaining of back pain. She is fine, she was transported to the hospital, but came home that same night.

When the accident happened, we were in the process of leaving to go shopping. So after the ambulance left, we went on our merry way. We had to go and pick up the stuff to make cupcakes for Nat's party. We went to Neenah and did our shopping. Got all we needed, and then it was on the way back to my parents house, where we picked up my Dad and went for dinner in Omro. The place were Brian loves to go when we are down there was packed!! We did get a table, and when our meal was over, they came out with a cake for Natalie.

Once we got home from going out to eat.. the process started of making cupcakes. As far as how many we made... I have no clue. I know it was more than 15 as that was the number I sent to Sunday School for Nat on Sunday. I was up till 2:30am frosting the cupcakes! Was up early on Sunday to take Nat to Sunday School. We even had a cupcake disaster! Someone accidentally put them in the wrong place, and Nat happen to sit on them.. Oh well, they still were edible. LOL

Sunday for lunch we went to the Viking in Winchester. What a great place to eat!! Its reopened supper club, and it was great to go there. Cant wait to go and again when we are down there again. After lunch we headed over to Fox Valley Lanes for Natalie's party. Yep, we went bowling for Nat's party. It was fun! Natalie opened up her presents and we had a great time!

Sunday night we went back to Amy's, and just relaxed. Had a pizza for dinner. Gave the girls a bath, and was off to bed.

Monday, I went to school with the birthday girl and my sister. It was neat getting back into the classroom again. I was even thinking about getting back into teaching again. But we will see.

After school, we went over to Amy's to pick up Kaylee and Brian. Then we were off to pick up my Mom and to Fazoli's to eat lunch. We went to a sewing place so I could get my needed foot for my new sewing machine. Then we went over to Archiver's for my sister Amy, as I treated her for her birthday (yes I know I was a month late). We then went to Build A Bear at the Fox River Mall in Appleton for Nat to get her bday gift from us. It was fun watching her in the experience!! We walked around the mall alittle, and needed to get going. But I had to stop at Hobby Lobby!! Nat and I went inside to do alittle shopping - I think I spent more time making her move than I shopped. LOL Monday night, my brother's gf invited us over for dinner, so Amy, Nat, Kaylee, Brian and I went. After we were done we went back to Winneconne, and my parents met up with us to visit again.

Tuesday morning, Amy had to take Nat to school and then run to an appointment. So I watched Kaylee and my niece Katie (whom my sister babysits for). We even managed to get a walk in between the rain showers. We walked about 6 blocks and back. My Mom called to ask if we would be interested in going for lunch before we left. So my Dad, Mom, Amy, Kaylee, Katie, Nat, Brian and I had lunch at the Arrowhead in Winneconne.

We got home about 5:30p on Tuesday and I was TIRED!!

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