QSnap Huggers - Featured on Independent Needlework News

If you have found this blog as a cross stitcher, you may have visited Independent Needlework News recently.

Its a new blog devoted to cross stitching news, such as retreats, new goodies and just worthy stitching news. Well a couple months ago, Heather emailed me with a few questions about the QSnap Huggers, and she also placed an order for them. I think I sent her about 11 or 12 QH, an assortment for her, and also for prizes in the future for INN.

Well she informed me this morning about her post to INN, regarding QSnap Huggers! I love her write up about the Huggers. Thanks Heather!!

HOW COOL IS THIS! Please check out the post and comment away.. he he

For those that are proud owners of QSnap Huggers, THANK YOU. I really appreciate your support!


Anonymous said...

Not really a comment, but a plea for help. I cna't seem to find out how to order q snap covers. do you have a separate web site and if so how do I get there?

Anonymous said...

I too, am looking to purchase Q-huggers for my Q-snaps. Can you tell me where i can purchase some?

Anonymous said...

I am also looking for the q-snap huggers. Where can I get them?

Janice and Gerald said...

Hi Kim ~ I've emailed you concerning shipping your Huggers to Canada.

Thanks!! Janice

ericille uy said...

Hi Kim! If i remeber it correctly, I purchase my very first q-snap hugger from you and I would like to order some more, please send me an email at chinggayari@yahoo.com. Thank you so much!


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