Look what I found in the yard!!!

Last night when I pulled in the driveway - something caught my eye. I thought, what the heck is that.

Over in the lawn between the two willow trees, there lay this big white looking ball. Brian then joined me outside.

I have never seen a mushroom this big before! But I have heard that they do get bigger than the one I found tonight. Just recently, my BIL found 3 of them down by the pond. It was one of those Puffball Mushrooms. We took it over to my in laws to show them, and while there, we washed it off. We brought it back to our house, and of course had to get out the camera.

So I took a picture of Brian with the giant puffball. And what the finished product looked like! How I prepared the mushroom was, we had to cut the mushroom open to find if it was edible. It was pure white, and smelled exactly like a mushroom! Peeled away the outer layer, and sliced it. Put it in a frying pan with some butter, and fried away. We did give half of the mushroom to my BIL who loves the mushroom!

So this was our dinner from tonight - chopped steaks, with fried onions, and puffball sauteed mushrooms, and broccoli and green beans mix.

Grrrr - I started to post this message last night, but then our internet went out.


The Chicken Lady said...

Oh My goodness! THAT'S A MUSHROOM! Wow! I love mushrooms, but only cooked, not raw. That looks yummy. :)

KaLu said...

thats HUGEEEEE!!!!
oh but dinner looks delicious lol i keep staring at it...even called little sis she says wow that looks good

Needlearts Kelly said...

Wow! That's huge. What a meal! We get tons of mushrooms but I haven't a clue which ones are edible. You're lucky you knew enough to not pass up that giant.


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