Expensive trip to the Post Office

I took my RR to the post office today. I had it all nice and ready to go.

Get to the counter, the postmaster informs me that I couldn't put a delivery confirmation on the envelope. The envelope had to be more than 3/4" thick to have a delivery confirmation. So, CJ - thats why there are packing peanuts in my RR. LOL I had to "bulk" it up to get a delivery confirmation.

Then, when I went out to my SUV to drive home.. I saw a stone stuck in the tread of the tire. Pulled it out, and not far from the stone - I noticed a nail head in the tread! So, off to town we went. So that explains why the tire tread symbol on the dashboard has been on for the past two weeks. LOL

This morning, I vowed to Brian that I was staying home, but I had to go to the post office to mail the RR. Well, the trip took us to Iron River to get the tire fixed. Hence the expensive trip to the post office.


Anonymous said...

Better than getting a flat tire in the middle of no where :)

~Kim~ said...

Ha! Don't worry I have changed a tire before. But you are right.. better than a flat, any day!

Shari said...

ouch Kim! Nails in tires are no fun!!!! We picked up 2 with in a couple months last year about this time. Too funny about the package not being thick enough..good grief!!


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