Lost a stitching friend..

I just returned home from the post office. I just had dropped a sympathy letter in the mail to a husband, of a stitching friend I met online. I have some heart aching news to share

Elaine, passed away on October 18, 2008. Her obituary is here .. Elaine Bassett

Elaine, and I met thru the internet. She actually contacted me via email, thru another cross stitching friend. I'm not even sure if Elaine had mentioned me, to her husband.

I live about 50 miles from her. I was to meet up with Elaine sometime, just to stitch and get to know each other. We have been in contact for over a year and a half now. But just never had the time to get together.

Elaine wanted to take me to Wausau and go to The Needlework Shop. It would be my first time there.

Elaine last sent me an email in June, and just gave a update on all that was going on. How her daughter was doing, with the recent flood. And again, she said - If things ever settle down here, I still would like to get together sometime and stitch for a couple of hours and share show & tell, etc. Have you ever made it down to the stitching store in Wausau?

I was thinking of her recently, so I typed up an email on Oct. 21st, and sent it on its way. I was emailing to see how she was doing, and to get together. I thought it was kinda odd that my email went unanswered.

This morning I was thinking. I wonder if everything is ok. Then something told me to type in Elaine's name, and Minocqua into the search on Google.
I was shocked. My heart sunk, and tears began to roll down my cheek. I just couldn't believe it. I know she had mentioned in the past that she was going to the doctor more regularly, and that she had some health issues.

As I read her obituary, I found out what a wonderful woman she was.

We stitch pretty much the same designs, so we were often stitching the same pattern. I remember her stitching along with her friends My Missouri home, and was calling it her Wisconsin home. I was really looking forward to seeing her framed finishes, and see her current project she was working on, and just get the chance to visit.

I know I'm someone that never met Elaine in person, but she will ever hold a place in my heart. Now I regret with tears that I never got to meet Elaine.

To the Bassett Family - Please accept my sympathy, and know I'm cross stitching now for Elaine.


coral said...

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend Kim (((())))..Love Coral Australia

Debbie said...

What beautiful thoughts about a stitching friend, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

ArchangelDecker said...

Please accept my sympathies for the loss of your friend.

Shari said...

so sorry to hear of your loss Kim... even thou you have never met, our online friends are so special to us. Hugs to you!

staci said...

How sad and shocking...I'm so sorry. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

Renee said...

Oh how sad! I'm so sorry Kim!

Deborah said...

I found your blog thru another blog (isn't that how it works? lol) and I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your internet stitching friend. Elaine sounded like a wonderful, dear person. I lost a good internet friend in February and I haven't been able to bring myself to delete any of her old emails. I miss seeing her in my inbox and miss knowing she's out there and miss sharing my life with her and hearing about her life. Thanks for sharing about your relationship with her.

Northwoods Woman said...

OMG I didn't know you knew Elaine! If I had I could have at least told you what was going as we belong to the same church and I attended a prayer service for her just before her death.
Sorry. Hugs.


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