I've Died and gone to Charm Pack Heaven!

Don't know how I got there.. but all I did was a search for "Charm Pack Moda" on eBay.. and looky what I found!

I'm in L♥O♥V♥E!!!

This is a new collection from Moda - designed by Holly Taylor called 'Timber Creek Flannel'

I'm so excited that I even woke up Brian. See, we have been talking about me making a quilt to go on our bed (I had made a quilt a long time ago.. but I think it likes its life better at the quilters who was going to finish it.. but never got it back - and its going on 3 yrs now). I L♥O♥V♥E anything Northwoods, and this one is soooo Northwoods!!

I have purchased 5 charm packs to make a queen size quilt for our bed. I have plenty of other flannels that are also Northwoodsy.. so it will work great together!!

Only 9 more days till its released, then I get my charms.. stay tuned for a WIP of this quilt. I already have an awesome charm pack quilt pattern picked out! EEP!


Debra said...

Looking forward to seeing this quilted. Will be very pretty.
Debra in Indiana

Shari said...

wow, that is going to be beautiful!!!! Can't wait to see it!!


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