With the upcoming season...

The season that brings the little white flakes, and the plummeting temps, is upon us. Last year we were hit in the wallet... hard. We needed to find a new way to heat our house.

We have propane heat that heats our furnace. Well, I'm we are getting sick of hearing the furnace kicking in every 10 seconds after it goes off. We have to keep it a comfortable cool in here to manage. Or we would be so broke, we wouldn't be able to enjoy life.

My MIL called the other day to get a quote on propane from our supplier - $2.29 a gallon. We have a 500 gallon propane tank. Last year we spent over $1000 (just in the winter months) to heat our house with propane.

Brian has been talking for sometime now about getting an additional heating source. Over and over again I have been hearing an advertisement on the radio, about Solar Comfort. Well, we got talking last night about what we are going to do. We cant afford to be paying those huge heating bill. I don't want to have a wood burner in the house or, one of those outdoor wood burners. We needed something that was going to be energy efficient, and practical for us to use.

This morning I called up the business (Downtown Sew N Vac in Iron Mountain, MI), and asked a few questions, got the specs, and talked it over with Brian. Went on the internet and looked up the site for the Solar Comfort. Within 30 minutes we were in the car, on the way to check out the system. The sales lady was very friendly and knowledgeable about the Solar Comfort, and we are now a proud owner of a Solar Comfort.

I selected the black cabinet for the heater, as it would go with everything else black in our living room where we have it. Its awesome as I can set things on top, and it doesn't get hot on the cabinet. It has kicked in about 3 times since we have been home. Its stayed nice and toasty in here. And it has wheels, so it can go anywhere!

Now, we have to see how much our electric bill will go up, and how much our propane bill with go down. Its says we should cut our heating bill - 50%. And I'm sure in the end.. its going to be well worth it! And it offers a 6 year warranty.


Shari said...

I hope your 'new addition' is a wonderful help this winter. If the weather already is any indication, I think we are in for a LONG WINTER!!

staci said...

That sounds like a good investment!!!

Northwoods Woman said...

There's a place in Arbor Vitae that sells Edenpure's (basically same thing) just curious, how much did you pay for yours?
I got one for $380.


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