Hi!! Im here!

My weekend trip turned into a 5 night stay. Long story.. but it was filled with fun, shopping, visiting, eating, and getting beat up (thanks Kaylee! LOL).

I went down (Brian was sick with the flu), on Saturday. The girls (Mom, Amy, Ally, Nat, Kaylee and I) went to Cuff's Farms for a day of pumpkin patch. We took a hayride to the pumpkin patch where we each got to select a large pumpkin, a mini pumpkin, a gourd, and 2 ears of Indian corn. We went thru the corn maze, and actually got lost... LOL The girls played in the play area, and we had a blast! Afterwards, we headed over to the Safety Expo that was held in Oshkosh. Nat got taught the lesson not to take off her seat belt before its time.. and we think she got the point. They had a cute little fire truck there, that Dad had to have a picture of one of the grandkids in. So Nat got to pose for the picture.

Of course we had to do a WalMart run - so I picked up some fabric for a quilt backing. Sat night we went out for dinner in Winneconne at Village Pub. When we got home, we had to make cookies for Sunday School, and Preschool for Nat's birthday treat.
Sunday was Sunday School, pancake breakfast, Walmart again - and then off to Natalie's birthday party at Fox Valley Lanes. There were lots of kids bowling, and we pretty much had the bowling alley to ourselves.

Monday - I had to go to Hancock's Fabrics for their Columbus Day sale, and I did GREAT!! I think I spent about an hour and a half in there, and about an hour by myself shopping..LOL My Mom was out in the car waiting with Conway and Kaylee. But I did great. I got fabric for 4 different quilts! So Im going to be busy for awhile! But I couldnt pass up the deals, and they had fat quarters for $.99 a piece! So I stocked up, and I could have gotten more, but I cut myself off.
Had to pick up Nat from school, at 3:15. After we got back home, the girls wanted to go and play at the park, so I got their clothes changed and we were off to the park.

I was to leave on Monday - but something said I should stay alittle later, and Im thankful I did. When my sister got home, she was in tears. And I just couldnt leave her as to what she had just heard. So I called in to work, and said I wasnt coming home on Monday and that I would be back to work on Friday.

Since I stayed ... the girls had DR appts. on Tuesday. We did alittle shopping, and met up with my parents for a late lunch. Tues night was spent on the computer at my Mom's office while my sister did alittle research, and I played with the Mr. Potato Head, Nat had gotten earlier in the day.

Wednesday was Natalie's 5th birthday - she needed to go to school, so I stayed with Kaylee, and Conway while my sis took Nat and Rhonda (my brother's dog - a 9 week old Bassett Hound) to school for show and share. We went out for Nat's birthday - she picked Mr. Cinders in Oshkosh. I headed over to Hobby Lobby to get some fabric for another quilt - and I had seen the fabric I wanted there, and I picked up some QSnap clamps to replace the ones that cracked.

Today I headed home - and here I am.. sorting out the pictures, fabrics, and clothes to be washed..LOL


staci said...

Wow Kim! I'm exhausted just reading your post!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend!!!

Vickie said...

Kim..I am so glad you had fun..but I am glad you are home...I missed our chats!!!!

Shari said...

the girls are getting so big & are adorable!!!!! It looks like you all had a wonderful time!

Renee said...

How fun!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time with the girls!!!!

Meari said...

What a fun trip!


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