I just wanted a cup of coffee.... Geez!

I woke up, cold. I got dressed. Got out the coffee filter, coffee grounds, filled the water up in the pot. Poured in the water. Filled up the coffee filter with the grounds. Placed the filter holder back into the coffee pot.

Go to push the On/Off switch - DEAD ON ARRIVAL.

The switch, and a couple springs fell out at me.

I'm sure it was pushed against something by the other person that lives in this house. So, I think this calls for a shopping trip, and he can buy me a new coffee maker!

And the only Starbucks in the area is 130 miles away... POUT! So I sent Bri over for a cup from his mom's. It'll do for now.

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Debbie said...

I need to start my day with coffee also, so I can relate. Hope your day got better.


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