Patty's Quilt WIP

Way back in umm, I think it was Jan/Feb, I was asked to make a quilt for a friend.

Well, I slacked off big time and put it aside. Well life has changed, and I have felt bad for my friend. She has moved on, and well. I feel bad. I shouldn't have put in on the back burner, like I have.

The pattern is Yellow Brick Road

So, today, I spent some time on Patty's quilt. I actually have the quilt top done. I just need to check the size on a twin size bed, as we dont have one here. But I hope to have it finished in a month or so. Pictured is only half of the quilt on the living room floor.

And eventually I hope to hand deliver the quilt to its owner, once she is settled in her new home.

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