Marrakesh Quilt Units

I can't really call them blocks, cause on the pattern it calls them "units". So here are all the units of the Marrakesh quilt. It zipped together nicely!

I'm going to put them aside, I think (unless the thought of putting the rows together kills me - then I will put them together).

We went up to Wardo's, and I picked up the extra fabric I need to finish the Calais II quilt top. And I changed all the measurements on the other charts that I found were a mistake. (I would really hate for an out of town visitor, to run out of fabric - since the instructs were incorrect.) I also picked up the batting and binding for Patty's quilt - just going to bind it in black. Such a nice neutral color..LOL I also got 100 more Quilter's Safety Pins (Sz 3), so I have plenty when I start to quilt Patty's quilt. All that is left for her quilt is to pick up the backing fabric. Which I will do this weekend. :)

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Rachel said...

I really love these colors Kim! I can't wait to see the finished product!!


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