Lost a stitching friend..

I just returned home from the post office. I just had dropped a sympathy letter in the mail to a husband, of a stitching friend I met online. I have some heart aching news to share

Elaine, passed away on October 18, 2008. Her obituary is here .. Elaine Bassett

Elaine, and I met thru the internet. She actually contacted me via email, thru another cross stitching friend. I'm not even sure if Elaine had mentioned me, to her husband.

I live about 50 miles from her. I was to meet up with Elaine sometime, just to stitch and get to know each other. We have been in contact for over a year and a half now. But just never had the time to get together.

Elaine wanted to take me to Wausau and go to The Needlework Shop. It would be my first time there.

Elaine last sent me an email in June, and just gave a update on all that was going on. How her daughter was doing, with the recent flood. And again, she said - If things ever settle down here, I still would like to get together sometime and stitch for a couple of hours and share show & tell, etc. Have you ever made it down to the stitching store in Wausau?

I was thinking of her recently, so I typed up an email on Oct. 21st, and sent it on its way. I was emailing to see how she was doing, and to get together. I thought it was kinda odd that my email went unanswered.

This morning I was thinking. I wonder if everything is ok. Then something told me to type in Elaine's name, and Minocqua into the search on Google.
I was shocked. My heart sunk, and tears began to roll down my cheek. I just couldn't believe it. I know she had mentioned in the past that she was going to the doctor more regularly, and that she had some health issues.

As I read her obituary, I found out what a wonderful woman she was.

We stitch pretty much the same designs, so we were often stitching the same pattern. I remember her stitching along with her friends My Missouri home, and was calling it her Wisconsin home. I was really looking forward to seeing her framed finishes, and see her current project she was working on, and just get the chance to visit.

I know I'm someone that never met Elaine in person, but she will ever hold a place in my heart. Now I regret with tears that I never got to meet Elaine.

To the Bassett Family - Please accept my sympathy, and know I'm cross stitching now for Elaine.


With the upcoming season...

The season that brings the little white flakes, and the plummeting temps, is upon us. Last year we were hit in the wallet... hard. We needed to find a new way to heat our house.

We have propane heat that heats our furnace. Well, I'm we are getting sick of hearing the furnace kicking in every 10 seconds after it goes off. We have to keep it a comfortable cool in here to manage. Or we would be so broke, we wouldn't be able to enjoy life.

My MIL called the other day to get a quote on propane from our supplier - $2.29 a gallon. We have a 500 gallon propane tank. Last year we spent over $1000 (just in the winter months) to heat our house with propane.

Brian has been talking for sometime now about getting an additional heating source. Over and over again I have been hearing an advertisement on the radio, about Solar Comfort. Well, we got talking last night about what we are going to do. We cant afford to be paying those huge heating bill. I don't want to have a wood burner in the house or, one of those outdoor wood burners. We needed something that was going to be energy efficient, and practical for us to use.

This morning I called up the business (Downtown Sew N Vac in Iron Mountain, MI), and asked a few questions, got the specs, and talked it over with Brian. Went on the internet and looked up the site for the Solar Comfort. Within 30 minutes we were in the car, on the way to check out the system. The sales lady was very friendly and knowledgeable about the Solar Comfort, and we are now a proud owner of a Solar Comfort.

I selected the black cabinet for the heater, as it would go with everything else black in our living room where we have it. Its awesome as I can set things on top, and it doesn't get hot on the cabinet. It has kicked in about 3 times since we have been home. Its stayed nice and toasty in here. And it has wheels, so it can go anywhere!

Now, we have to see how much our electric bill will go up, and how much our propane bill with go down. Its says we should cut our heating bill - 50%. And I'm sure in the end.. its going to be well worth it! And it offers a 6 year warranty.


QAS WIP Picture

Here is a WIP pic of Quilt Alphabet Sampler - that was in the Oct 08 Cross Country Stitching mag.

I love how its coming along. I'm being good, and doing the back stitching as I go. And its really making the design pop.

Owl Finish - Elaine's SFE

Gosh, about two months ago, I stitched the Owl which was from a Prairie Schooler chart that I have. The chart is called 'Autumn Leaves', I used the owl from the chart. I stitched with DMC floss on 28ct white jobelan.

I finished it as a hanging decoration. And I sent it off to Elaine for her SFE, which her theme was "owls". Last week I received word that its owner received her SFE.

See I have been stitching, but couldn't share. Off to post another WIP post.. he he


I've Died and gone to Charm Pack Heaven!

Don't know how I got there.. but all I did was a search for "Charm Pack Moda" on eBay.. and looky what I found!

I'm in L♥O♥V♥E!!!

This is a new collection from Moda - designed by Holly Taylor called 'Timber Creek Flannel'

I'm so excited that I even woke up Brian. See, we have been talking about me making a quilt to go on our bed (I had made a quilt a long time ago.. but I think it likes its life better at the quilters who was going to finish it.. but never got it back - and its going on 3 yrs now). I L♥O♥V♥E anything Northwoods, and this one is soooo Northwoods!!

I have purchased 5 charm packs to make a queen size quilt for our bed. I have plenty of other flannels that are also Northwoodsy.. so it will work great together!!

Only 9 more days till its released, then I get my charms.. stay tuned for a WIP of this quilt. I already have an awesome charm pack quilt pattern picked out! EEP!

Marrakesh Quilt Top Finish

Here is the Marrakesh quilt top that I finished also today. Alot of mitering done on this quilt's borders. I was so happy to have it done.

The Marrakesh should have had additional blocks on the bottom, but I also wanted to make this quilt top square. This fabric line was the Sahara colors.

So, you can see, Brian too has a hard time holding on to it... LOL

Calais II Quilt Top finished

I finished up on the Calais II quilt top today. I made it a joint effort with the Marrakesh quilt, and mitered all the strips together to make the borders for each of the quilt.

So, here is Calais II. There should have been 9 more blocks, but I wanted to make it square, but not too big. WOW, is it big the way it is..LOL

Brian is holding the quilt with is arms stretched out.

I just wanted a cup of coffee.... Geez!

I woke up, cold. I got dressed. Got out the coffee filter, coffee grounds, filled the water up in the pot. Poured in the water. Filled up the coffee filter with the grounds. Placed the filter holder back into the coffee pot.

Go to push the On/Off switch - DEAD ON ARRIVAL.

The switch, and a couple springs fell out at me.

I'm sure it was pushed against something by the other person that lives in this house. So, I think this calls for a shopping trip, and he can buy me a new coffee maker!

And the only Starbucks in the area is 130 miles away... POUT! So I sent Bri over for a cup from his mom's. It'll do for now.


Autumn Harvest - LHN FINISHED

Yea! I had a finish.. they are coming far and few in between. (Since I have been addicted to BAPs {Thanks Vickie!})

This is Autumn Harvest from Little House Needleworks. I had started it gosh.. middle of September - right after getting home from Dad's benefit, and its taken me this long to get it finished. Last night I sat down and told myself - you are not getting up till its finished! So about 11:10 last night, I put in the final stitch!

I stitched in on a piece of 28ct linen - not even sure the name as it was a remnant. I used the DMC it called for. Going to frame it as it 4" X 6" - so going to find the perfect 5" X 7" frame.

Well since I have this finished, I'm going to work on a couple quilt projects I need to get done ... by Saturday.


The Fabrics I picked

These are fabrics I picked up over the weekend..

The aqua/brown fabrics, I plan to make a Strip Tease quilt with
the fabrics.

The green fabric is for Patty's quilt.

The green/dots fabric in the middle is what I fell in love with. I purchased the rest of the FQs they had in this print. I just love the color. And of course I had to get coordinating fabrics to match.

To the right - I found the striped fabric on the bottom for a $1 a yard, and that was my inspiration. I purchased 2 of each - going to make two matching quilts

This blue/brown fabric to the left is some fabric I have wanted for awhile now, and I just had to pick it up!

I found the moose/camo fabric on the clearance table at Hancock's, just had to pick it up!

I have been wanting to make a black/white quilt for some time now, and when JoAnn's had the fat quarters for $.99 - it was a steal! So I picked up all the FQ I could use!

Hi!! Im here!

My weekend trip turned into a 5 night stay. Long story.. but it was filled with fun, shopping, visiting, eating, and getting beat up (thanks Kaylee! LOL).

I went down (Brian was sick with the flu), on Saturday. The girls (Mom, Amy, Ally, Nat, Kaylee and I) went to Cuff's Farms for a day of pumpkin patch. We took a hayride to the pumpkin patch where we each got to select a large pumpkin, a mini pumpkin, a gourd, and 2 ears of Indian corn. We went thru the corn maze, and actually got lost... LOL The girls played in the play area, and we had a blast! Afterwards, we headed over to the Safety Expo that was held in Oshkosh. Nat got taught the lesson not to take off her seat belt before its time.. and we think she got the point. They had a cute little fire truck there, that Dad had to have a picture of one of the grandkids in. So Nat got to pose for the picture.

Of course we had to do a WalMart run - so I picked up some fabric for a quilt backing. Sat night we went out for dinner in Winneconne at Village Pub. When we got home, we had to make cookies for Sunday School, and Preschool for Nat's birthday treat.
Sunday was Sunday School, pancake breakfast, Walmart again - and then off to Natalie's birthday party at Fox Valley Lanes. There were lots of kids bowling, and we pretty much had the bowling alley to ourselves.

Monday - I had to go to Hancock's Fabrics for their Columbus Day sale, and I did GREAT!! I think I spent about an hour and a half in there, and about an hour by myself shopping..LOL My Mom was out in the car waiting with Conway and Kaylee. But I did great. I got fabric for 4 different quilts! So Im going to be busy for awhile! But I couldnt pass up the deals, and they had fat quarters for $.99 a piece! So I stocked up, and I could have gotten more, but I cut myself off.
Had to pick up Nat from school, at 3:15. After we got back home, the girls wanted to go and play at the park, so I got their clothes changed and we were off to the park.

I was to leave on Monday - but something said I should stay alittle later, and Im thankful I did. When my sister got home, she was in tears. And I just couldnt leave her as to what she had just heard. So I called in to work, and said I wasnt coming home on Monday and that I would be back to work on Friday.

Since I stayed ... the girls had DR appts. on Tuesday. We did alittle shopping, and met up with my parents for a late lunch. Tues night was spent on the computer at my Mom's office while my sister did alittle research, and I played with the Mr. Potato Head, Nat had gotten earlier in the day.

Wednesday was Natalie's 5th birthday - she needed to go to school, so I stayed with Kaylee, and Conway while my sis took Nat and Rhonda (my brother's dog - a 9 week old Bassett Hound) to school for show and share. We went out for Nat's birthday - she picked Mr. Cinders in Oshkosh. I headed over to Hobby Lobby to get some fabric for another quilt - and I had seen the fabric I wanted there, and I picked up some QSnap clamps to replace the ones that cracked.

Today I headed home - and here I am.. sorting out the pictures, fabrics, and clothes to be washed..LOL


I was RAK'ed!

I came home tonight to find small package on the table.

I opened up the package.. and I was confused, I thought maybe it was sent to me by mistake. Then I saw the card. I just cried (scared my DH alittle...LOL).

I received Chessie & Me - Where Stitching Leads, 10 WDW threads for the chart, and a piece of fabric to stitch it on.

Carol - THANK YOU so much! I would have never thought in a million years I would receive a RAK like this. Im just so excited!! Yes, you are right, that is so me!! Thanks again Carol, it really means alot!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Thanks!!!


1st PBS Came!!

Brian set the mail on the table today while I was working on the blocks for the quilt top. I turned around and there it was! My first PBS swap, that I received from another reader! I was excited!! Not bad, I signed up on Friday - and have my first book on Wednesday!

I received "The Quilter's Apprentice" by Jennifer Chiaverini. I'm really excited to read this novel, as I have had it suggested to me for so long.

This will become my read in bed book! I already started on the first few pages, and I like the writing!!

Also, yesterday I found out that my wish on PBS was put into the system. But I'm still waiting to hear from the book owner. Fingers crossed!

Marrakesh Quilt Units

I can't really call them blocks, cause on the pattern it calls them "units". So here are all the units of the Marrakesh quilt. It zipped together nicely!

I'm going to put them aside, I think (unless the thought of putting the rows together kills me - then I will put them together).

We went up to Wardo's, and I picked up the extra fabric I need to finish the Calais II quilt top. And I changed all the measurements on the other charts that I found were a mistake. (I would really hate for an out of town visitor, to run out of fabric - since the instructs were incorrect.) I also picked up the batting and binding for Patty's quilt - just going to bind it in black. Such a nice neutral color..LOL I also got 100 more Quilter's Safety Pins (Sz 3), so I have plenty when I start to quilt Patty's quilt. All that is left for her quilt is to pick up the backing fabric. Which I will do this weekend. :)


Marrakesh Fabric Cuts

After I finished up on Calais II this afternoon, I started cutting up on a new quilt project.

The fabric line is called Marrakesh (from Blank Quilting), and Im working with the Sahara colors. I ABSOLUTELY love these colors!! I didnt order this line of fabrics, but Im so thankful that they did. Cause now I get to work on the model for the store. :) Im using the pattern from Blank to work on - Marrakesh

Calais II Quilt Top WIP

Here is the quilt blocks sewn together to help make some of the quilt top.

The black fabric that makes up the inside square on the circular block, goes on the inner border. Well I don't have enough of that fabric to even bind two strips together. So I will go up tomorrow to Wardo's and pick up the fabric I need.

Block B - Calais II

As promised, here is block b of Calais II.

Now Im off to put the quilt blocks together. I would love to finish the quilt top today, but Im short on some of the fabric (hence the other post, stating that there wasnt enough fabric).

I will post laster when I get the blocks sewn together.


Block A of Calais II

Here is Block A of the Calais II (from Blank Quilting) quilt. It actually went together rather quick. Had to be careful to get the stripes going in the right way. There are 8 block A blocks.

I have already started on Block B.. but Im going to call it a night, as my eyes are telling me.. go to bed!

Plan to have Block B finished tomorrow, and maybe by the evening I will have the blocks together.

Daisy - stitched part of Jayne's RR

Last night I was wanting to stitch something quick. And I was chatting with Vickie, and we got talking about the RR. And I thought! Wait, I have a RR to stitch on..LOL

So last night I got out the RR, which is from Jayne. Her theme is the Country Garden Threadpacks from Country Cottage Needleworks.

I selected the Daisy to stitch on. I used all the threads (Crescent Colours) that the chart called for. I was actually the first stitcher to stitch on Jayne's RR. She stitched the Cottage Garden block above Daisy.

Our mail date is the 25th of the month, so it will be tucked away till then.

Its been a blah day here, it was perfect for stitching! I love snuggling up with a warm blanket, tv on in the background, and stitching away! I love days off!



Well, I took the plunge. I have signed up for PaperBackSwap (PBS). I was chatting with Vickie, and she had mentioned about reading some books, then swept me away to PBS. Ive had this bag of books for about a year now.. and I entered them all in (all 51 of them). Since going thru them and entering them.. I think I might pick a few to read in the mean time.

I now have my first book on its way to me - The Quilter's Apprentice by Jennifer Chiaverini. And I can chose one more... humm which one?!?

For those with list on PBS, would you mind sharing your username, or you are welcome to invite mine - upnorthlonglake.


Betty Crocker paid a visit...

Thanks to my sweet tooth. I made some sugar cookies this evening! I had some chocolate frosting and included were Halloween sprinkles (Brian noticed the bats right away..LOL)

Started on another quilt project

I took the time today to cut out a new quilt project. Its called Calais II. I got all the pieces cut out. But I'm not going to make the whole quilt. I'm going to take off a row on the right, and bottom. Its suppose to be 70 X 70", but I'm making it as a model for the quilt shop.

I have to say - something was not right some where.

The cutting instructions are not correct on this pattern. For one of the fabrics, I needed 26 - 4 1/2" squares, but I was only able to get 24 with the amount of fabric I had. (And I did the math, and with the amount fabric that I was to have, it still wasn't enough.) And also, I have to check the pattern to the bolts when I go to work soon. I personally think that the fabric on the bolts are wrong, or the fabrics on the pattern are wrong. (I'm thinking its the bolt that was wrong {wrong description}). Next time I'm checking the salvages for the info of the fabric. Cause I have some of the colors that I cut from the bolt, that are not the correct fabric to the directions. And what I had done was label the salvages with the letter of fabric that it belong too. But it should all work in the end.

Its crazy, I say!

Patty's Quilt Top FINISH / WIP

I took the finished quilt over to my inlaws today to lay it out on the twin size bed. I LOVE the colors!!

Of course the picture does not do it justice. Its VERY bright!

I'm still contemplating whether to add another row to the length. I'm thinking of putting on one more row at the length. Right at the head of the bed, laying on the pillow is where it ends.. so I think I just might put on another row, since I have the blocks left over to do it.


Patty's Quilt WIP

Way back in umm, I think it was Jan/Feb, I was asked to make a quilt for a friend.

Well, I slacked off big time and put it aside. Well life has changed, and I have felt bad for my friend. She has moved on, and well. I feel bad. I shouldn't have put in on the back burner, like I have.

The pattern is Yellow Brick Road

So, today, I spent some time on Patty's quilt. I actually have the quilt top done. I just need to check the size on a twin size bed, as we dont have one here. But I hope to have it finished in a month or so. Pictured is only half of the quilt on the living room floor.

And eventually I hope to hand deliver the quilt to its owner, once she is settled in her new home.

Received Jayne's RR

Today in the mail I received a Round Robin from Jayne. She selected the Country Cottage Needleworks, "Cottage Garden" as her theme.

I already have my selection of chart to stitch! Im going to do the Daisy block, which will be on the lower row, in the middle.

I have till about Oct 31 to get it finished, but I know it will be stitched way before that!!

Fiber Fun Finish

Even though I wasn't able to go the retreat in June to AR... I was sent all the materials (since I had paid my deposit).

One of the challenges was called Fiber Fun - you received a pattern, 11ct Aida, and a cigar box full of all sorts of fibers to stitch with. There was no key as to what color went where - you just needed to use the fibers that were provided. And stitch it the way you like.

I decided on the "Snowman" - a pattern from Mosey 'n Me. I did have one problem. I didn't have a needle big enough to thread half of the fibers I had..LOL

It may seem like I was lazy to not stitch in the Snowman.. but I thought it gave more of a primitive look.


Expensive trip to the Post Office

I took my RR to the post office today. I had it all nice and ready to go.

Get to the counter, the postmaster informs me that I couldn't put a delivery confirmation on the envelope. The envelope had to be more than 3/4" thick to have a delivery confirmation. So, CJ - thats why there are packing peanuts in my RR. LOL I had to "bulk" it up to get a delivery confirmation.

Then, when I went out to my SUV to drive home.. I saw a stone stuck in the tread of the tire. Pulled it out, and not far from the stone - I noticed a nail head in the tread! So, off to town we went. So that explains why the tire tread symbol on the dashboard has been on for the past two weeks. LOL

This morning, I vowed to Brian that I was staying home, but I had to go to the post office to mail the RR. Well, the trip took us to Iron River to get the tire fixed. Hence the expensive trip to the post office.


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