CJ's RR Complete!/Last Finish of 2008

Monday night I started to stitch on CJ's RR. After getting home from work last night, and settling in to stitch. I was looking at the pattern and the difficultly to stitch.

I was chatting with Vickie at the time, and I told her.. this RR is going to be done and in the mail tomorrow. I got to a point last night, and stayed up till 3am, and stitched away on it.

This morning I was chimmed at 9:30am, to get a cup of coffee for MIL. I sat up and visited awhile, and shortly later I was stitching away.

I was done and finished with the stitching on CJ's RR.

So, the details - Robin, from The Prairie Schooler - Prairie Birds (Book No. 24) stitched with DMC, on 14ct.

So this will be the last finish of 2008! Amazing!

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