3's Company Petit Fours Table Runner Top Finish

Well this afternoon turned into a "charming one".

I wanted to fight off a headache I had been dealing with for a couple hours, and I wanted to do something that would help keep my mind off it (pun intended..LOL). With an Excedrin taken, I went looking thru my favorite sites I have bookmarked, and I came across the Petite Fours pattern on Moda BakeShop.

I only had 2 charm packs when I went looking for the charm packs that I thought would be perfect for the table runner. The fabric line is 3's Company from Thimbleberries. I of course happen to have a light and dark version of the line... but, with only 19 charms each. I needed 40 total. So I just varied the pattern alittle, ok, its shorter. But I think it turned out great!

I used some scrap fabric for the inner border. Now I just need to get quilting done on it, and have it all set to go.

It's a dull headache now.


shutterbug said...

My gosh girl, slow down! You have been making quilted items like crazy lately! I am gonna make DH bring me up there just so I can fondle all the quilted things! I LOVE quilts! I should go through my fabric stash and make something. I can't do the fancy ones like your bear paw (someday you can teach me) but I can handle one like the runner. :o)
Hugs, Elaine

Olive said...

Wow, you work fast! Do you have a speedometer on that machine?? Beautiful quilt!


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