Pink John Deere bag

My sister loves John Deere and the color Pink. Awhile back, I had picked up the pink John Deere fabric ... and I knew right away who I was going to make something with it, for.

Well, yesterday I was looking at the LQS newsletter, and they had a class for Moda Bakeshop purse. So I googled to see if I could find some thing that would resemble the purse. But I came across this pattern instead - Charming Handbag. Of course, the pattern is suppose to be used with the charm packs. Well, what a fabric charm is, is a 5" cut. Well, the pattern said to cut the fabric down to 4.5" square.

That's when my brainwaves go moving! I thought, this would be perfect for the bag for my sister. She was online last night, and I asked if she would be interested in the bag, and I showed her the site. She said she would.

So, about 10pm last night, I had pulled out the fabrics for the bag. I only had 3 different fabrics to chose from that were in the pink John Deere, and I used a basic pink for the 4 fabric. I cut it all out.

Sewed the blocks together. Had a new learning experience with the adding depth to the bag.. that was fun!

I did the quilting in a brown to match the brown in the John Deere emblem. Love it!!

I emailed a picture to my sister, and she said she loves it.. and I will give it to her when I see her next in a few couple weeks.

So, here is the finished bag. I ♥ it!

And dont worry, this wont be the last you see of these bags. I couldnt believe how easy they were to put together. Will be making one for myself in a northwoods theme, of course!

Pattern source - Moda Bake Shop - Thanks to amandajean for her contribution of the pattern!


Irene said...

Love the bag, looks wonderful !

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Very cute tote bag, congrats on the finish. CJ ok;-)

Pam said...

Hey! That looks great! You sister is a lucky girl.


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