Dad's name in Fireworks!!

If you read below on the posts - you would have seen the article about my Dad being honored on July 4th in Winneconne.

Our Dad was selected to be the honoree for the fireworks, and from the word - the whole show was in honor of him.

I, of course couldn't go down state as I had to work this weekend, and I had wanted to see the display. Well thanks to technology - I was able to view the video within 2 hrs of the fireworks show. I was in tears when I saw it!! To hear all the cheering and clapping, the tears just came rolling out (like they are doing now).

Check out this AWESOME video of the fireworks honoring our Dad last night, in Winneconne. Thanks Winneconne, and thanks to Doug Nelson for his great job!!

And I have to send out a BIG THANK YOU to Frank - my wonderful video guy, who so graciously took the time to upload the video to Youtube, so I could share the display to the world. So please take a look, its only about a minute long.

Direct link to Youtube.com - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgo2p9-WG_4

Yes at the end of the video - you can see the boat driver scooping water, fireworks were landing in the boat.


Candice and the Venus Willendorf. said...

Wow Kim! That's amazing. And what a beautiful funeral. It is all deeply moving. Thank you for sharing it.


Debra said...

Oh that is so neat.


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