Strip Tease!

Gotcha! That ain't happening here.. lol. But its the name of the most recent (like 2o minutes ago) quilt top.
This afternoon, around 4pm, I was sitting watching Judge Judy, and I was playing on Facebook, when I just got the urge to "go to my room". I looked around and seen the first fabric I found and found the pattern that went with the fabric (meaning - I had the pattern in mind while I was purchasing the fabric).

And after 2 1/2 hrs later, a quilt top was produced. OMG was it soooooo simple! It took me all that time to iron, cut, and sew the quilt top together, it was soo easy!

I made a baby size quilt top. The pattern is called Strip Tease - I just used coordinating fabric that I had on hand. I thinking I'm going to put a border on it when I'm ready to quilt it.


Irene said...

Very nice !

Anonymous said...

Nice! I love the color combination!

Michelle said...

What beautiful work.. I love blue and brown together. You are really whippin' them out!

Stop by if you can before tomorrow.. I'm having a cross stich giveaway so come by to sign up!


Michelle said...

Considered yourself signed up!

Thanks for popping over :)


Jodi@SimplyThisThat n.. said...

Really cute!

Debra said...

wow you have been quilting up a storm. They all look so pretty.


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