Snapshots - Quilt Top Finish

Around 3am this morning I put on the last of the rows on this awesome quilt top! It was sooo stinkin easy to put together, it would be a GREAT beginner quilt top for someone that was looking to start quilting - or just try it out.

Its called "Snapshots" from Atkinson Designs book Happy Hour. I used 12 fat quarter (one of the FQ was less then 18" & then I needed to substitute another color) to make this lap size quilt. I did a 6 X 6 row lay out. The blocks are 9" square. TURNED OUT AWESOME!!

These colors are so me, and its so contemporary looking! And I love making quilts like this, as it doesn't have to have a "top". Thats my pet peeve with quilt tops, gotta have a top.

We (Brian and I) had to wait for it to stop raining to go outside and get a picture.. sure shows off the seams in the picture.. he he


Michelle said...

Beautiful quilt top! I love autumn colors too!

kimquiltz @ an oft traveled road said...

Absolutely lovely!

Marjean said...

Looks great. I have a quilt my mom made me using this same pattern from the same book. Mine is in completely different colors but I love love love the pattern.

Jodi@SimplyThisThat n.. said...

Love this pattern. I've made it with valentines fabric. It turned out really cute!


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