Little Tote

Here is the story of this little tote - A resident at work has a plastic canvas bag that she carries around all day - she even sleeps with it. It goes every where. Well its been on its last life for a couple weeks now. And I had an idea to put it out of its misery.

So I told her I was going to make a new one tote for her, but I was going to make it different so it wont fall apart. (Well I know she will have no recall of our conversation - but she still needs a new tote to haul all her what nots around).

So this afternoon I went thru my stash, and came across some cut out triangles that were used in a previous quilt top. So I sewed them up together, and just played with arrangement. I was really pleased on how it turned out. I should have added another vertical row, but then I thought I needed to keep it smaller, as it was the whole point that the resident cant carry too much in the tote.

I did something I have never had success with in the past - I free motioned the quilting!! I'm ok with how it turned out, but its better than what I thought..LOL

So, after 3 hrs of planning, cutting, playing, ripping out seams (the corners which I ripped out twice, and went with no corners), and all the sewing, its done.


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Very nice and I am sure she will be thrilled to have a custom made one of a kind tote. CJ ok;-)

Kim said...

Very pretty and such a thoughtful thing to do..I am sure she will be thrilled :)

Irene said...

Nice tote, I'm sure she will love it.

Michelle said...

Such a kind gift. It's beautiful!

Julie said...

You did a beautiful job Kim. I'm sure she's going to be thrilled with her new bag!!


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