Am I the only one of those...

that saves every bit of fabric scraps when I'm done cutting them off the rotary cutter? Those little pieces that I don't need. They have no purpose in life but be next to the seam, or the fold of the fabric, or just don't end up being apart of the project.

Fabric bits hoarder? Start pointing fingers. Me!?

Just never know when they will become useful again! You should see all the fabric I saved when I made the QSnap Huggers. They just lay in the bag suffocating, waiting for their day to shine. I see something coming out of it.. but I have more and more fabrics to cut in my stash. Someday.

Oh yeah, and I'm the only one that has "Cupid Shuffle" going thru the head, for the second day?!


Meari said...

You're not the only one! I save little bits of fabric, too. Never know when they might come in handy.

Irene said...

I'm like that too, never know when you might need it.

Michelle said...

I save every bit of fabric too! I am doing some paper piecing now and I hate all of the wasted fabric on the floor. After dealing with a flooded basement last month, I am starting to wonder, "What am I saving all of this stuff for???" :) Have a great weekend!


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