Bear Paw Sampler BOM Start

Awhile back I came across a FREE quilt design website (FatCat Patterns), and I just sorta looked around, and I came across this design - Bear Paw Sampler. And the minute I saw it - I wanted to make it!! Then I found out it was a Block of the Month deal.

Of course I saw this pattern I think in October or November. Well I got an email yesterday stating that the BOMs were uploaded and available for download. And that the last one in this series will conclude the BOM. And I was like eep!

For each block, you are just given the size of the blocks, and the rest is up to you. I was given a calcuation of amount of fabric to use, and that the blocks would be 14 1/2" No finishing instructions were given. Well I wanted to cut out the blocks all at the same time... so that brought out alot of paper, calculator, pencils with alot of erasers on them, and off I went.

I was able to purchase my fabric ahead of time, doesn't it look like S'mores?! LOL

Well, I was up till like 4am one morning, a couple weeks ago (I do my work best during the wee morning hours.), figuring out the measurements and how many blocks I would need of each size and the what not(s). I was VERY happy with my math calculations, as I was very accurate in my cutting, and figuring out of the material. And since I could look at the 12th block, I was able to do my numbers with that block by just looking at it.

So, this afternoon, I ironed and cut out all three of the fabrics, and laid out the pieces and sorted them out by each block. I put them in quart size ziploc bags and put them on a ring so they are as easy as grabbing a bag and making a block any time I want. I labeled each bag to go with the numbered blocks, so I just have to find the directions and the correct bag and to the machine I can go!

And I cant wait to start my blocks of the Bear Paw Sampler!!

BTW - if anyone else cares to do this BOM - let me know and I can send you the directions for the amount of strips, and cuts and subcuts you will need, cause they are tried and true.


Pam said...

Wow!! Talk about being organized. I can't wait to see it when you start to put it together.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Impressive, the individual block bags on the ring is great. CJ ok;-)

Irene said...

Took a look and I love this one. You have everything so organized.


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