I cant believe I forgot to post about this here. While I was taking care of my nieces, what, almost 4 weeks ago.

While I took the girls with me to a quilt shop in Oshkosh (the same shop where I got the Square Dance fabrics). I had a little struggle with getting the girls into the store, as, well. It seems Aunt Kim's car rides can knock you out cold. So I had a hard time convincing a 6 yr old & a 4 yr old to wake up, and they really needed to come inside with me. It came down to - if you want to go to McD's. Better come inside..LOL

Well, as I was gawking at the selections of fabric and the the models. The girls found the fun and wild prints. You know what ones I'm talking about. The bright shaped prints thru out the fabric.

"Aunt Kim, you can make me another quilt out of this fabric" (I'm thinking as much as I would love too.. No!)

So, we were going thru the rooms looking around, and Im drooling. I look up, and there sat a pillowcase that was done up cute. The girls went back to the fun kid prints.

And I walk out to find, both of the girls hugging on to a bolt of fabric, as it looked like they were going to love it forever!

And the pillowcase idea came into mind. And that's where it happened.... it came out of my mouth. "Hey girls, since I already made each of you a quilt - why not a pillow case?!"

YIPPPEE!! We were soon picking out fabrics to go together. The oldest had something that kinda went.. oh wow... you want that? But she some how was talked into some pretty pink butterfly fabrics. And she was satisfied.

Now, the little one - well she was sent in her ways. She was coming home with the star fabric, no matter what!

We got it all cut out.. and I'm like - well I'm going to have to send these two you in the mail, since I didn't have ANYTHING to cut it with, measure, yadda yadda. As all my quilting supplies where at home. I knew I could use my Mom's machine.

So, I asked if I could stop at Hobby Lobby to get the things I needed to make the pillowcases. And I got the stare of death!

From now on - I cross my heart, I'm packing my quilting supplies, as what I picked up from WalMart to work with, cost more than what one pillowcase cost. But, I looked at it this way - nice to have a spare.

We got home, after Walmart, and a dinner and play at McD's. We had to get their new toys all settled, and put together. And off to work I went. It didn't take long to whip them out.. and I was really happy on how they turned out!

I so plan on making more! I was so excited about the pillowcases, that I actually forgot to take pictures..LOL So I asked my sister if she could snap some pictures, and send them to me. So, that is my sister's Pug, Ella, in the picture.

Here is Natalie's (the 6 yr old) -

And here is Kaylee's (the 4 yr olds) -


Vicky L said...

That was a cute story! The pillowcases came out great. The fabric is beauiful and your nieces made a great choice.

Irene said...

They sure have good taste in fabrics. Very nice.

Irishenchantment said...

both very lovely :) i actually like the stars hehe!


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