Turned in my key, and came home with...

my quilt top models. *Sniff*

I had heard last week from the postmaster, that she heard that the store I use to work at, was closing.

This afternoon, my SIL, came over, and she too told me that the store was closing.

So, this afternoon, I had to see for myself.

Sure enough - the sign told me 10 - 50% off. And I walked in, and I had an depressing site in front of me.

I turned in my store key, and was told to take whatever was mine. And - I was still getting my employee discount.

So, I came home with the quilt tops I have done over the years. That was the deal - if I made the tops, I would get back what was mine. And so I did (well minus one - since it was sold by mistake) *Sniff*

So, they are now living back with me.... I need to get them quilted. And live out their lives.

Calais II quilt top
Marrakesh quilt top
Cottage Blossoms
Shade Cascade
The Fruity Quilt top - Umm, I don't have a link to the quilt, cause I don't think I even took a picture of the top, since I didn't like it..LOL
My Sister's Cabin
Turning Twenty - Flannel

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Debra said...

wow, all are so nice. You do get a lot done.


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