Saw Tooth 16 Patch - Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week

Yea! Its Wednesday! This morning I actually took the day to "sleep in" - well if you call 12:30pm sleeping in. (I admit I was too lazy to get up.. it was too grey outside to even think about leaving the coziness of the bed - but then I realized it was Wednesday!) Then I realized, it was a day for a new barn block, and I was excited to see today's edition. The colors I picked out reminded me of the Milwaukee Brewer colors, somehow..lol.

While working with this block, my Brother kept giving me fists! GRRR!!! I think I have it all figured out.

Block #10 – Saw Tooth 16 Patch – Racine County
Pattern is here - Saw Tooth 16 Patch

Find out more about the "Wisconsin Quilt Blocks on Barns, Block of the Week" @ Cre8tive Quilter


Cindy said...

Yours does remind me of the Brewers. Great block and I'm so glad that you're enjoying making these as much as I am.

Jen said...

I'm soooo behind on commenting! Your block looks great!


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