Getting my sew on!

The past two days - have been spent either bonding with my Brother (sewing machine), the ripper, fabric, the iron, the rotary cutter, and the ruler. And all those fun quilty tools invovled in making a quilt.

A coworker asked last fall for a quilt for a full size bed. After she had seen my bear paw sampler quilt, she wanted a quilt done in Northwoods animals, and bear paw sampler blocks... but she wanted the corner done in green. And the back green too.

I have been going to town on constructing a quilt top. Going by no pattern, and just coming up with ideas as I go. Its been a challenge as how much fabric to cut, and what design to put here.. but its been fun!

With wildlife pictures fussy cut, bear paw sampler blocks, and somewhat square in the square in the sashing's intersection, its been fun playing with the design.

I have the middle rows all sewn together, and the top and bottom row are waiting for the log cabin blocks to be finished. And then I will be able to put on the borders.

Im currently making some log cabin blocks for the 4 corners. And then I will be able to get the rest of the rows sewn together.

Im really rockin on how its turning out!! I had told my coworker I was going to bring it in this weekend to show my progress, and show her for the first time what it looks like.

Here is a preview of the quilt top - just the one row with the two blocks, and the sashing and intersection blocks.

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