Butterfly Bag

Wednesday, Mother inlaw and I were at Doctor appts, and we had to do some shopping. So we were at WalMart.. and I of course had to stop at the fabric dept. I wasnt really feeling well at the moment, and I just sorta skimmed the selection they had. (Which in the Rhinelander store, is slim!)

Well, I was going to turn to leave the dept, and Mother Inlaw goes. "When are you going to make my bag?" Well, that was the first I knew she wanted a bag..LOL

So, we looked for some fabric for her bag... she chose a butterfly theme, and the other two colors.

So, here is the Butterfly bag - (yes that is snow in the background)

And here is my Mother inlaw, with her butterfly bag! She couldnt believe it I got it done that soon.


Shari said...

what a pretty bag!!!! I love the pinks & greens!!! My favorites!!!
Great job on it!

Irene said...

Great job, it is so pretty !

Vicky L said...

The butterfly bag is so beautiful. My friend would love it so much. Great job!

Cindy said...

The bag turned out great and it looks so spring like.

Brenda Lou said...

You did beautifully on that bag! Lucky MIL :)


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