Got a date for tonight, with the Brother!!

Its here... Friday Night Sew In!!

I gotta take MIL to the eye DR appt, and as soon as I get home The trip to the eye Dr didnt happen.. MIL looked at her calendar, and didnt see it saying 11am, but seen it as 1pm. So, our trip to the dr has been postponed. MIL's eyes are really bad, and she couldnt see the extra 1. The eye dr office said they called on Wednesday - but got no answer.. so MIL, now has an answering machine. So - the rest of the afternoon/night will be spent with the Brother!!! Throw on the jammies, and put on some music, and sew sew sew!

I havent touched a needle in about a week now - so Im sure that Cabin is feeling unloved... but I will get back to it soon!

Humm.. Im thinking of starting a new quilt top tonight. Shall I?

Ahh, cant wait for the date!

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