Anyone feel like Square Dancing?!

This quilt top has been .... well... interesting.

This is my 1st quilt top where I appliqued a 3" square piece of fabric to the quilt top. I know for those of you thinking.. EEK!! That's what I realized when I was cutting out the fabrics for this quilt top. Fusible what, to where?

But, I survived the fusible and the appliqueing to the quilt top. I have appliqued in the past, but I wasn't really sure about it. So I got out a piece of fabric and did alittle practicing. And when I got to the 9th square.... I think it look pretty darn good!

I did put the rows together - there are only 9 of the bigger blocks, so its just three rows, with three blocks.

I do need to attach applique another 3" square - but there are only 4 this next time.

So here is a WIP picture - I need to attach the 4 squares, and put the borders on still. Coming along great!


Debra said...

Hey Kim, I just sent you an email, about the ILCS retreat wed site and I want to make sure that you got it.

Blu said...

It looks gorgeous. The colours are lovely.


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