Adopted Log Cabin Quilt

I almost forgot to post that when I was at class last Thursday, I pretty much had nothing to do (since I had to buy more material for the border for my log cabin quilt (which I still need to buy more for.. LOL)), so Laurie Jean & I were talking, and I said that if she had anything for me to do, I would do it. And I even mentioned her Log Cabin quilt if she wanted me to sew the blocks together. Well her look on her face was YES! Well I worked on the blocks during the class, and then I brought them home and worked on them here. I got as far as I could with the materials I came home with. I worked on 28 blocks (she did have about 3 logs and the center already on the block, so I just finished the rest of the logs) - but with 6 of the blocks, there just needs to have the final log sewn on.

I took a pick of the block just now and here Im posting it. Of course the picture doesnt do it justice of the bright colors.

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