I have adopted a...

quilt. Yes you read that right, I have adopted a quilt. Laurie Jean on Tuesday asked if I would like to work on a paper pieced quilt, since I had said I liked it so much. Well I came home Tuesday night, and started on it.. worked on it a few hours. Found out that I am short several of the pieces (all 52 pieces) to make a block. I emailed her on Tuesday to let her know of the problem, and she said that she was sure she had it in her stash. And to continue on.... Each block has 32 pieces to the block formation. So its actually made in to different units, and then sewn together, and it takes 4 units to make the block.

Well after several (like 14 hrs) hours, Im at the point where I cant continue on .. LOL Im finished to where I have nothing to do on the quilt till I get the fabric I need to continue on. I have 9 of the blocks finished already (out of the 20 needed for the quilt). My hand ache from all the cutting of the pieces that I had to trim. It even felt like blisters are starting to form under the skin. So I cant do anymore till after Thursday when I go up to Iron River for my quilt class.

Speaking of quilt class I washed the darks for the log cabin quilt, and ironed them this morning. Have the lites in the washer as I type. Im excited about starting a new quilt. And also going to have to find the time to finish the adopted quilt.

Well Im off to find something different to do, and relax my hands.. LOL

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