How we spent our weekend...

We went down this past weekend to attend a Winter Party that my cousin and his wife host each year. We got down about 3:30pm, and had a fun time at the party. They had a White Elephant gift exchange ~ I ended up with the Charleton Sheets "get rich" videos and papers.. LOL. Brian got a GameBoy Advance carrying pouch with 7 teenie Beanie Babies, and a Troll. Well, guess what he claimed.. LOL Yep, the Troll. Im going to use the pouch for camping.

About 7:30p we went back to our cottage. We had brought along our old TV to be used at the cottage. Compared to the other old one that was there.. its much better! Glen, Lisa, Katie, Mom, Dad, Brian and I stayed at the cottage overnight. I worked on the binding on my quilt that I would like to finish soon (the Northwoods one). We made arrangements with Amy, Natalie, Kaylee, Gregg, Scott, Jenny & Conway to meet us at the resturant for breakfast @ 10am on Sunday. Well it was great to be surrounded by the WHOLE family!! I know its hard to get together while we are down.. but it just made my weekend, and made the trip worth going down (Brian and I were contemplating going down - and had actually called and told them we werent going down to visit the family - just have been so busy, and wanted sometime, home).

Sunday afternoon, we all went back to our cottage and went 4wheeling around our property. I love 4wheeling! Might have to look into getting one for ourselves up here. Nataile, Conway, and even Katie were enjoying their rides around the yard. Once we were finished, and waiting for the rest to get back from going and looking at some sheds, we all just hung out, watched tv, and played with the kids. Sunday evening about 4:30p, we headed back to my parents house. We stopped for dinner along the way. Sunday night, I worked some more on my quilt's binding, but ended up falling asleep on the couch. I headed to bed about 11pm.

We left this morning around 10:30am, drove straight home, and where home @ 1pm. Below are some of the pictures from this weekend.

Left Picture: Lisa, Katie, Glen, Conway (dont worry he stopped crying once the 4wheeler was moving)
Right Picture: Katie, Glen, Conway, Natalie - eating cheesy popcorn (what a mess!)

Above Left Picture: Me on the 4wheeler Above Right Picture: Natalie, Conway on Scott's 4wheeler
Below Left Picture: Brian & I on Glen's 4wheeler Below Right Picture: Natalie & I

Left Picture: Natalie, Kaylee, and I
Right Picture: Katie, Natalie, Kaylee


"I said SMILE" LOL Natalie and Kaylee

Just "one" of those moments.. LOL

This picture is just too cute... when we leave the cottage, we always have to lock the gate for the road to the cottage.... well Dad said he was going to walk up to the gate, and lock it once the last vehicle goes by... well Natalie just had to tag along, and I had to take a picture!.. LOL


Heather said...

What lovely family photos Kim. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

Debra said...

Thanks for all the family pictures.
The quilt is sooo pretty!!!

valda said...

What great pictures!!! Looks like you all had a fantastic time. Your quilt is gorgeous! Congrats on the finish! Can't wait to see what the other one looks like!

Mylene said...

Hi Kim, Thanks for sharing your pictures, they all looks great and a wonderful get together!!! Best wishes,


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