Log Cabin Quilt Top FINISHED!

Yep, its finished. It turned out really neat. I learned alot about lights and dark in fabrics. Since this quilt is for me, its no big deal that some of the darks should have been lights, and some of the darks, that were lighter, I shouldnt have used. Oh well, learned a lesson there.

Now all I need to do now is get some material for the borders and the binding of the quilt. Im going to purchase so more of the center block (the maroon color material), and use that for the border and the binding. So I will need to wash, and cut the material. I also have the batting, and the backing material for this quilt.

Each center block is 6 inch (somewhat sqaure..LOL), then there are a total of 8 "logs (which are 2") so I ended up with a 14" block. I made 20 blocks, which I put into 4 rows accross, and then 5 rows down. I will add a border to the quilt, as soon as I get the material, and prepped. Then it will be off to Laurie Jean for her to quilt. Then I will start another project..;)

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Heather said...

What a beautiful quilt.


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