Taxes are done!

WOOHOO, today I finally got my work return of the 2005 taxes. Cha Ching! Taxes have been filled, and just have to wait for status of the confirmation, and then wait for the direct depo$it.

I just find it amazing the amount of the return that we are getting. Its about the same as last year, but what I find bizarre is that the amount that I was withheld, well lets just say I'm thankful that I get it back.

Going to have some S.E.X. with the money - let me explain to the non-obsessed-with-cross-stitched-or-related-(need-more-materials/supplies)-hobbies.. LOL S.E.X. stands for Stash (materials/supplies/unnecessary). Enhancement. eXperience

Have plans with some of the $, will have to prioritize what we decide :)

1 comment:

Heather said...

Can't wait to see what you purchase with your S.E.X. money Kim.


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