Hot off the scroll...

Gosh Im addicted to sitting down and finishing a project. Actually started this one about 5:30p, and put my last stitch in at 11:59pm, hoping to meet my midnight deadline.. LOL Yes I know pressure, pressure.. that explains my aching hands!

This design is called 2006 Celtic Heart ~ a design from Moonflower Designs (www.moonflowerneedleart.com) I actually dyed the material for this project, this afternoon. I couldnt find the right blue material that I wished to stitch on, since this design kept saying Red, White, and Blue. So Im not a do-it-yourself dye virgin anymore. It was so fun, and simple! I was so excited that I couldnt wait for the material to dry so I could put my stitches in.. LOL

It is stitched to be exchanged in a Celtic block exchange. Gonna have to stitch me one, someday.

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Valda said...

This is a beautiful design! I love the fabric color!


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