Ok, comment away..

A friend (thanks Debra) brought to my attention that every time she would make a comment to a post, she wasnt allowed to. I figured it out.. DUH! I had the settings set for comments, that only other bloggers on blogspot could comment.

I have now changed the setting, and now anyone can comment :) WOOHOO!

Go get 'em, Flash!

BTW, you will have to make a word verification when making a comment. I have to do this to hose the spammers down, they can get nasty!


Mylene said...

Hi Kim, i did try a few times before to leave a comment but it doesn't let me. Glad to know it is now fixed. Happy stitching!!
Best wishes, Mylene

Heather said...

And there I went and got a blogger account so I could post!!!!


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