I'm Still... here

If there is anyone that reads this blog.. which I have no idea if there are.... cause I never have any comments of who reads this blog. But I guess I will just type into cyberspace about my life lately!

Well its consisted of work, sleep (when I do sleep), cross stitching, and quilting. I had to work Mon, Tues, and Wed. I had yesterday and today off.

Thurs, I started a new quilt class with Laurie Jean @ Golden Needle Quilt Studio in Iron River. I'm now going to be making a Log Cabin quilt. I had to buy 15 dark fat quarters, and 15 light fat quarters, and then I bought a yard of my middle square for the block. I choose browns for the dark, and white/tan for the lights. The middle square is a maroon colored background with pinecones, and pineneedles. Since yesterday was our first class, there are only 2 other ladies taking the class with me (who are beginner quilters). I just sat thru the introduction of the quilt, the make up of the quilt, and such, and then I was excused, while Laurie Jean explained to them the tools that they needed for quilting.. LOL. But I was put to work, I helped a little with the newsletter, did some other office work for her, that I promised I would help her with.

After class was over, Laurie Jean and I went over to Wardo - its a quilting store, and jaw dropper of the store (all the things I would love to buy, I would be broke - and still haven't bought all the stuff I wish to buy.. LOL). I bought the yard of material I needed for the log cabin quilt.

Oh I almost forgot! I got the Northwoods Sea At Storm back yesterday!!!! All QUILTED! She had asked me what I wanted on the quilt, and I decided to call it "Northwoods Discovery" - with words that I describe the Northwoods and the discoveries I had made since moving up here, 4 years ago. I just love the quilt! I just have to put the binding on it (which I need to do that next door at the inlaws, cause they have a large enough table to do the sewing on.. LOL), then I will have to hand sew the rest of the binding.

I got the rest of the material that I needed for the quilt that I adopted. I worked on it for about 4 hrs last night, and hope to work on it today, more.

I also sat down last night and worked on a cross stitch project, got a little accomplished, but I was getting tired.

Well I guess that is about it.. I work this weekend, so I'm enjoying today!

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