Omaha or BUST!

UNBELIVABLE! Brian and I leave tomorrow afternoon for my parents, and from there, early Thursday morning we are leaving for Omaha!

I just cant believe it! It came so fast! I'm sure a week from now, I will be thinking dang that went fast! I'm about 90% packed and ready to go. I just have to find all the laptop cords, bag, and the what nots to bring along. Our clothes are all packed and the luggage bags are sitting on the kitchen floor. I have to pack my take along project as I still want to stitch on it tonight yet. I'm bringing along the America design from LHN, its coming along nicely! It was a drag for a bit, but its picking up speed now!

My mom called last night, both my parents are excited about traveling along with us. My dad also found out that he has a 1st cousin living in the Omaha area, so he might be calling him when we are there. It would be neat! We are going to have a great time in Omaha! I'm really looking forward to meeting the other members of ILCS that are attending. Its sad to hear that there are only going to be 6 of us. But this is our first year of the retreat, and its always a small turnout with any function the first time.

I will post in Omaha how the retreat is going. What fun things we are doing or going to be doing. And I hope to post some pictures of the retreat, while we are there!

So if you can say alittle prayer for us in our travels.. it would greatly be appreciated! Talk with you from Omaha, next!

And you can find out the real reason I'm there! :) - Been keeping it in toooooo long!.. LOL


Anonymous said...

keeping you in my thoughts and prayers you and your family have a Fun and safe trip. Can't wait for a full report.

Missy said...

Wow! I can't believe that it is time for you to go already! This summer is just flying by.

You are going to have such a fun time, even though there are only 6 people going, it will give you an opportunity to get to know each other better. I am a fan of small group settings. I am looking forward to seeing your updates while you are there.

And the real reason why you are there....hmmm now you really have me intrigued! My first thought was to get married, but you already are and it doesn't sound like there is anything in Omaha to draw you there for a wedding. You have my brain working overtime on this one, lol. Maybe it is to help the slagging economy in Omaha with your feverish stash acquisition! :) Yeah, that is it. You will make the front page because you are about to put so much money into their economy!


Okay, *shoving the lunatic down so she won't scare you anymore* seriously, have a fun time, take lots of pictures and be safe!



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