Stash Call!

If you are not a stitcher.. you just wouldnt understand.. LOL

But for the stitcher.. you WILL understand!... LOL

I came home from work to find that I had 3 goodies packages waiting for me!

Ok, the material, I received for the price of the postage, which was $5.00! I got some huge pieces. The colors were fiddlers, Smoketone, and a Kahki Putty color, and some samplings of perforated paper. Thanks Kathy!

I won "Colonial Houses" by Little House Needleworks off the 123 MB, thanks Kristin!

And lastly, I purchased "M'Lady's Strawberries, and "Colonial Dry Goods" by Little House Needleworks from In Stitches. Such an awesome deal! Spent $3.30 and $3 on the charts, and then $1 for shipping! WOOHOO! The markings on the charts were $6.50 each.. so thats $13 for the charts alone, but since they were on sale... what a BARGAIN! I also received the freebies - Liberty Ewe, Let It Snow by Lizzie Kate, and a design from Carriage House Samplings.

Im still expecting 2 more packages with stash to arrive, hopefully on Monday!


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! More stash to fondle. Have fun.

Cathy said...

I like your stash choices!


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