What a day....

Well it really started yesterday... I got up to a phone call.. one of those calls where it says unknown caller, so I was up early! Went back to bed.. got up about 10:30am, played some on the computer, went ebaying, and watched alittle tv. About 1p, I went up to work at the quilt studio for awhile. After I was finished there.. did alittle shopping (got a hammock, and a screened gazebo). Got home about 6:30, not even barely out of the vehicle when my BIL is asking if I we want to go camping tonight.

Well long story short... we had our tent set up by 8pm!.. LOL It was our first time camping all year... better late than never! It got down to 52 degrees last night.. so it was umm uncomfortable sleeping at times. We were packed and home by 9:30am. Put the tent on the line to drive.. two of the lines broke.

Got home... I was eager to set up the hammock and screened gazebo. DH announces that MIL would like DH to go up to town with her. Well I thought .. heck I need a few things (umm clothesline for sure!). So before we left I had the hammock all finished, and the gazebo, the frame was all set up. Went shopping, got home, put all the goods away. Put a load of laundry in, and I was back outside finishing the gazebo. Got it finished. Actually sat out in the gazebo for awhile reading emails on my laptop, and waiting for the laundry to finish.

When I finished, I hung the clothes up on the line.. and since I had bought some new clothes line, I had to put it up. As I was hanging the clothes on the line.. Brian comes over to announce that he was hit in the eye by a stone while he was mowing the edge of the pavement.
After I dealt with him.. I tackled the flower beds that needed weeding. Worked on them for about 3 hrs. Around 6:30p, I started supper on the grill, we had pork chops (picked them up at the store today). I guess I was more hungry than feeling dirty, so I took a shower after I had dinner.

Ok, now Brian this whole time was complaining about his eye.. it was getting better than it was getting worse, and so forth. Well fast forward to 9:45p... we were on the way to the emergency room! He had scratches in two places on his eye. Brian is the type of person that no one touches his eyes.. so it was sorta comical .. cause he was acting like alitle kid while we were at the hospital.. LOL We were home by 11:15p. He needs to have drops for a week now.. and is now comfortably reading his Bible :)

And here I am.. dead tired, and wanting to stitch!

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