We Made it!!!

Hi All

Just want to post that we ( DH, and my parents and I) are in our hotel room in Omaha! We ran into those bad storms that went thru Iowa this morning! Dang was it dark!

We left this morning at 3am, and arrived about an hour ago already (1pm)! 510 miles ... not bad - and I drove them all!!!

I have no idea if anyone else is here yet... do to the security with the airlines... but I will be done in the lobby around 4pm!

Gosh I'm sooooo nervous!


Missy said...

Yay! Glad that you made it safely! I hadn't thought about the airline thing for some of the people joining you. After the second person arrives, you won't be as nervous. Have a blast!


Anonymous said...

Great you and your family made it safely. Now, go and have some fun.


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