#25 Square WIP

This is a WIP progress pic of a quilt block that Im stitching for a stitching friend. She is making a quilt for her niece, and had asked for volunteers to stitch a block. I had offered to help to stitch a block. I just got the pattern about a month ago, so Ive been slowing putting stitches into it. :) Everything is already backstitched on the stitches shown. I just have more to do in the lower left corner, and some along the bottom. I have a deadline of the beginning of Nov to get to Karin. So its been going into a rotation. Im also stitching on a model, so that is also having attention. So I think that Scared Crow is going to have to keep scaring the crows for a bit longer.. LOL

I just have today off, but I hope to get alittle stitching in! But I know we need to go to Iron River, MI to do alittle shoppin :)

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