Color Picture of the Cross Stitch Quilt

This is the colored picture of the quilt that I made for a friend that I took to the retreat in Omaha in August. I have posted a black and white photo in an earlier post, that was a scan of the picture in the paper. I had asked the reporter that took the picture if I could have a color picture, since I had never got a "finished" picture of the completed quilt.. Imagine that! So she was kind enough to send it. I have also asked Debra for a picture of the quilt.. this is the picture that she sent. Thanks for taking a picture Debra! It means a million!
I find it cool, that just this past weekend I had a family member of one of the resident's say that they saw me in the paper. And commented on how talented I was.. and it sure showed in the work I do with the residents also!


Mylene said...

Hi Kim, you really did a wonderful job in finishing this quilt for Debra. It is simply beautiful!!

Missy said...

What a wonderful quilt!

I love the edging on it with all of the little pieces.

*sigh* I was just telling DH last night as I flipped through a quilt magazine that I wish that you were closer to give me some lessons!



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