What day is it?!?!

Yes Im still alive! Man Oh Man! Lots has happen since my last post! Well lets see, my last post was on the 6th. Well I was off last week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Wednesday I worked on some finishing of the finishes I have completed - didnt get far. I remember we went to Iron Mountain on Thursday, and went shopping, and Brian insisted we stop at Dairy Queen so he could try the Meltdown burger (thanks to the commercial!) .. LOL.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I had to work. Friday night I got home from work and was informed that Brian's mom had fallen earlier in the evening. Well the time finally came and off to the hospital they went. Around midnight we were informed that she did indeed have a broken hip. She had surgery on Sunday morning. On Monday afternoon, Brian and I went to Rhinelander to visit her, and did some grocery shopping. So today, I was working on finishing more finishes today, still have more to do.. so hopefully in a week or two I will be finished - just need to have it done by Sept 30.

On the stitching front Im working on a quilt block for a friend - the deadline is Nov 1st, so Im really chugging along on it. Im working on a couple stitching projects at once it seems. Hope to start a quilt project soon!

Well I hope it isnt a long time before another post. Take care of yourselves!

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Cathy said...

Oh dear! I feel so badly for Brian's mother. Hope the recovery isn't too bad. A broken hip must be terribly painful!


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