Forgotten Camping Pics

I found some camping pictures on my camera when I was downloading the pics on to my laptop. We had gone camping our once and only time on August 29, now we cant say we didnt get to go camping at all this past summer. As I tell Brian, I had a "life" this summer!.. LOL I found myself working at the quilt studio getting prepped for the quilt show, and have been just extremely busy this past summer for anything else! Completed the quilt for the retreat, and stitching on models, other projects, time just slipped away! Now I hope that winter slips away fast also, as I hate the long cold months.

I took the pictures after we had gotten up in the morning.. couldn't take them the night before as we were setting up the tent as it was getting dark out! Yeah it was one of those.. wanna go camping?!?! Heck we were packed and out to camp within the hour! So I thought I would share that we did get camping this past summer... now only if we can go more next year!

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Missy said...

Man oh man, I can smell the campfire from here! We love camping and sorely miss it.

It's always hot here so when you need a break, you are welcome to come over!!! :)


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