SS Package Part 2

I was struck again by my Secret Sister! This I received from Stitching Bits And Bobs,

Lizzie*Kate's Think Autumn..... and ALL the dyed floss!
Sampler Threads -forest glade, fragrant cloves, gold leaf, harvest basket, mulberry, shaker white, sutter green, and from WDW - amber, chesapeake, hazelnut, molasses, onyx, seaweed.

I have picked out a piece of tea colored linen that Im going to stitch this design on.

Thank you soooo much to my Secret Sister!


Cathy said...

Wow! Your secret sister really is spoiling you. I really like this Lizzie Kate chart. I have the Spring one. They are all so cute!

Missy said...

What a wonderful present! I am loving your ornaments as I am able to see them.

I sent you an email via gmail last week...just wondering if you got it.

Hope to have a computer full time soon!

Keep those ornies coming you are really smokin those needles!



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