Weekend Retreat Pictures

This past weekend, Brian and I escaped to our family's cottage. I had a wedding to attend, and I was going to take my niece, Natalie, so she could dance while we were there (my sister also went with us.)

Brian and I left on Saturday morning, and arrived at our cottage at 1:30p. My brother, and sister inlaw, and niece were already there, riding on the 4wheeler. Shortly later, my parents arrived, and then later, my sister, Amy along with Natalie and Kaylee arrived. We sat around for a bit, and I worked on some finishes that I was stuffing with polyester stuffing - my sister even helped! My mom announced that she had some cross stitching books for me, so I told her, well she better get it now, or else.. LOL. Got some cute xstitching books, mostly hard cover. We headed out again to a rummage sale! I even managed to get 2 xstitching mag., that I will be using to stitch a couple designs from! When we got back to the cottage, we took off again to go out to eat for the evening, we went to a supper club. We had to stop at the gas station to get supplies for s'mores. Well Dad had to use the bathroom, and in the mean time I got the s'mores. Well he also came out with some soda and a bag with .. you guess it! More s'more supplies!.. LOL Got back to the cottage, and Amy, Nat, and I started getting ready for the wedding reception of a coworker of mine. Natalie LOVES to dance! We did the traditional wedding dances - Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey, Cha Cha Slide. And I think that Natalie was carried more by strangers than Amy carried her all day!

I even got Natalie and Amy in a cute photo while we were at the wedding reception!

We got back to the cottage, about 9:45p., and had microwave s'mores! YUMMY! What are microwave s'mores you ask!?! Well you put the graham cracker on a plate, then put your chocolate, and then a marshmellow, put it in the microwave for 10 - 15 seconds (depending on the amount your making and watch the marshmellows rise! Place another graham cracker on the top, and wah la!

Here is a pic of Nat, Mom and Glen enjoying the
microwave s'mores (we were too lazy to sit out by the campfire, and thought the microwave was easy enough!.. LOL)

Sunday morning we went for breakfast at our favorite Sunday morning resturant in Poy Sippi.
We got back to the cottage, and began riding the 4wheeler, and the golf cart! I even had Natalie driving the golf cart, boy did she have fun!

Brian and Natalie had a blast on the golf cart, Im not sure who had more fun, Nat or Brian.. LOL I couldnt take it any more so I had to take a nap, since the Packers werent very exciting!

Our plan was to come home today, but we decided to come home last night... good thing we did, cause I had loads to do today! Cleaned the house this morning - did the dishes, vacuum, did 2 loads of laundry, hung them out on the line. Worked on my finishings, and worked on some stitching. Completed a project, which I will post in a little bit, and worked on a quilt block for a friend! Hope to work on my model yet tonight, will see! Just wanted to post some pictures form this weekend!

Kaylee chomping on her sister's shoe! I sure wished I got a picture of her smile, its sooo cute!

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