Cinderella - Round Robin

I signed up to do my first ever Round Robin! And I was the first to start out a project for someone else. I have decided to stitch for others, than have a Round Robin go out for myself.

This finish is from the kit called Disney Princesses. I chose to stitch the Cinderella in honor on Natalie, who loves Cinderella!. :)

Now its off to Pennsylvania to be stitched on some more, then its going to Indiana, and then back to the UK, where its from. I hope to post pictures as it progresses. :)


Cathy said...

Kim - I can't seem to link to your e-mail address. If you email your snail mail address to me, I'll send you the chart. I don't think I will be stitching it again. (tadten at msn dot com)

Missy said...

Cute! Good for you in joining a RR. I am too chicken and have a hard time keeping up with my obligations.


Shari said...

the person who gets this will love it. It is beautiful!!! You did a great job! Did you pick the fabric or did she?!?! It is wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Meari said...

Cute project. It's great you signed up for a RR. I've done one. I prefer 1-on-1 exchanges, less stress on me. :D


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