Tonight I came home to find a package on the table from Missy. Missy had mentioned about me receiving a package this week, so was I ever surprised to find what was inside the package! She sent me a birthday present!

She sent me a scarf (I LOVE IT! You do a wonderful job!), which she made, and she also included a tuck pillow with stars, and linen inside to stitch on. Patriotic Santa Zipper from Bent Creek, a skein of Sweet Memories from Six Strand Sweets, a piece of 28ct Permin Linen Apple Blossom.

She also stitched a birthday card for me! I had seen it on her blog and assumed it was stitched for her DH, but nope it was for me :) *Notice how excited I was about the present.. I didn't even take my jacket off... LOL Thanks so much!
So thank you again Missy! This was so thoughtful of you! Thanks for making my day!

Its amazing what friends will do and give to you.. total strangers meeting from reading each others blog, then comments turn to emails, and then emails turn to gifts and surprises in the mail!

Blogging has really opened up a new world for me! I really enjoy reading other blogs, and leaving comments. I too enjoy blogging and reading comments of others that are left for me. Thanks to everyone that do leave comments, they mean alot to me! :)


Shari said...

wow Kim! What a great surprise to receive in the mail!!!!! You look very happy in the picture!! Thanks for sharing with us!!!!

Sally said...

What a wonderful gift from Missy. You looks really happy there and the scarf is gorgeous.

Cathy said...

What a thoughtful gift from Missy! Stitchers are definitely special people!

Missy said...

Aww, so glad that you like everything! : ) Just wish it could have gotten there sooner.

: )


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