*WARNING* - It happened to me!

Don't blow through a straw into a Capri Sun juice box... cause its gotta come back up!.. LMAO Try it ... you will see what I mean! LMAO!! I can see it now.. Kim gets the "Here's Your Sign" award for gushing juice from the juice box.. LOL

Ok I admit, I raided the Halloween bowl, and got myself a Capri Sun, its in those umm what do you call them pouches. Well I took the straw off the pouch, put the straw into the little hole, and proceeded to suck on the straw. Everything was going great.

I saw the bills on the counter, and thought, well I better get the checkbook out and pay them. Well I set the pouch down on the counter and it sorta tipped over. Well I tried standing it up again. Of course the corner on the bottom was buckled a little, rather than squeezing on the pouch, I did the next best thing. Blow in to it through the straw. You know when you blow in a straw while drinking milk, you get bubbles right?!?!

Well when you drink Capri Sun from the pouches you get a FACE WASH!!!!!! LMAO I blew into the pouch till the pouch went back to its shape, wel then I took my lips off the straw, and out it came.. of course I was trying to put it down on the counter, it continued to fountain out of of the pouch. I laughed so hard! As I type this, I still have juice on my eye lid hairs, or maybe its tears from laughing so hard..LOL Its a good thing I'm home alone... humm I wonder if I can get Brian to try it.. Should I?!?! LMAO!


Anonymous said...

You are so funny! Thanks for the tip.

KaLu said...

lol :D that happend to me too!!!!!! i was at work and i felt sooooooo embarrased


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